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Nathan Higley

My name is Nathan Higley, and this is my website. As a brief overview about me, I enjoy programming, gaming, working out, solving Calculus problems, and basically anything that involves development on a computer. I’m originally from a more rural area but have recently started college at Liberty University to study Computer Science with a Cyber Security cognate. I have programming experience in C++, Java, Python, Bash, and some PHP, but I really am wanting to focus more on the network security side of Computer Science in the future. I help out often at my local church and with my local 4-H program, which is where I have made most of my functional applications. You can see some of my work below and also my contact information in case you want to reach out to me in some way.



Record is a small python program I wrote to enable audio recording from the command line on Windows where it is difficult to find such a program.

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MBC Website

A website I created using Squarespace but with custom JavaScript and CSS for some elements, all within about a week.
(Note: May have had additional cosmetic improvements afterwards by church staff.)

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RocketPi is probably one of my coolest projects. I constructed a model rocket with a payload of a Raspberry Pi Zero W with additional sensors, a Lithium Polymer battery, and a voltage transformer. The data from the flight was accessible immediately afterwards via WiFi hotspot on my phone as well.

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AudioToVideo is a small GUI python program I created to utilize the ffmpeg libraries to optimize the creation of single image videos with longer audios. It was created with Podcast type material in mind that would be uploaded to YouTube. It drastically reduced the time necessary for me to create the videos versus using a traditional video editor.

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HackTheBox is an online resource for users to practice and develop their cyber security skills. I have completed some of the boxes on there and plan to try more to further develop my abilities.

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pyev3 is a collection of python programs written for the ev3dev operating system which is a version of Debian Linux which runs on the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics platform. I created a few programs with this, most notable of which is WiiControl, which allows the user to control a robot with a Nintendo Wii remote.

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@nadehi18 on most platforms